30. december 2010

POUR DAY - January 26

Hey, guys. We have set the day for finishing the concrete quarter - Wednesday, January 26. We decided to keep it to a Wednesday since everyone already has Wednesdays established as "skate day" away from familys, jobs, etc. I will make sure all equipment is there and ready. We will make a time to meet a little later in the month but we will deifnitely need to start earlier as it will take a good 3-4 hours. I'll come back on the weekend with whomever can help and finish the coping.

We absoultely need 4 guys, minimum. But we welcome anyone that wants to help or just watch and learn. This is the first of many DIY projects to come, so join us and gain some inspiration.

Also, we could really use some donations. Give what you can. Each bag of cement is about 60kr and we need at least 10 more for this pour. If you want to show up with a bag or 2, buy the Aalborg Portland BASIS and you'll get a beer or 2 in return. :-)

- Nate

29. december 2010

20. december 2010

Hola, amigos! We are looking to pour the concrete for the quarter pipe sometime around the second or third wednesday of january. anyone that wants to learn the process, keep in touch so we can give you the details. it'll take about 4 guys and about 2-3 hours at least. also, donations toward the cement and supplies would be appreciated. word up og glaedelig jul! :-)