19. februar 2011

new date to finish quarter

The hand-poured coping is done. We are going to finish the quarter pipe Onsdag, Marts 2 instead of naeste Onsdag. If you want to help or just learn the process, show up around 19. Tak!

15. februar 2011

Hej all. As most of you know, we had major problems the night of the pour due to cold weather. The good news is that it's not ruined! Now, we just need to pour the coping and make a finishing layer on the top of the already dry beton. Tomorrow night (Feb 16) we will pour the coping. It's gonna be cold but the coping does not need finishing so it's no problem. Next week, Pauli has offered use of his heater so we can do the finishing layer. Anybody that wants to help or just learn the process, be at Onsdagcruiser tomorrow and next Onsdag.
And mange tak to everyone who donated money last week to help with all of the expenses! - Nate