22. september 2011


Vi har modificeret vores nye Monsterbank, således at man kan dreje den 180 grader og vupti... Så skal der carves love-seat. Vi kalder det Musehullet.

19. september 2011

Ny minirampe ved Nordkraft i Aalborg!

Onsdagscruiseren har med økonomisk støtte fra Aalborg Kommune sørget for, at der kommer en ny minirampe i Aalborg centrum. Rampen kommer til at stå ved siden af NordkraftTeglgårds Plads og er åben for alle. Der vil blive officiel åbning af pladsen og rampen d. 14.oktober. Vi ses på den runde væg...

Her kan du se billeder af rampen fra dens nuværende hjem :)
...Glæd jer, den er smoooooooooth!

15. september 2011

New Monsterbank

The Onsdagscruiser posse just finished this beast of a bank last night. Step up or get knocked out! Thanks to all of you who helped build and shred this bad boy!

...And Pauli popped its cherry!

11. september 2011

New Onsdagscruiser products

These tie-dye Onsdagscruiser t-shirts are hot off the press. Only 150,- dkk. Write me an email if you are interested (onsdagcruiser(at)gmail.com).

10. september 2011

9. september 2011

D.i.y. Boards

Did these cruiser bad boys a few weeks back. Cut out of old used decks and painted by hand. I think they came out quite well... Go make your own boards!

7. september 2011

Denmarks the Spot

We had some great days with the Bacon and Lifeblood team on their Denmark tour! Kevin Kowalski, Cody Lockwood, Steven Reeves, Frank Faria and Benji Galloway ripped the shit out of Denmark. Thanks for a great time guys and a big shout out to our local Nathan Curry for making this tour happen! Here is the first footy from the tour... The Harlev ramp. More to come and watch out for the new full length Lifeblood video. Snaps!